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Trip of the Week: Ireland with the Willis Clan
THE TRIP: "Ireland's Ancient East" is the 2016 theme of Tourism Ireland, the official government tourism bureau. This June 19-26 trip features stops at many popular sites in eastern Ireland, including Waterford, Kinsale, Blarney, Kilkenny and Dublin …
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Field trip lets students meet presidential hopefuls
On Friday, a small group from Cleves met Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio and Rick Santorum. By Tuesday, they hope to knock Ben Carson, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders off their list as well. This isn't a group of lobbyists or CEOs. This isn't a …

For 0k, Land Rover wants to take you on the world's most luxurious road trip
Everyone likes a good road trip. Whether it's to move cross country (check), to see the space shuttle launch (I did the drive, though the launch was scrubbed), or just to see somewhere new (check, check, check). A road trip is an opportunity to see the …
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