After 4-game trip, BYU women’s hoops returns home with WCC title in sights

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The Israeli tax authority announced earlier this year that it does not regard Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as legal tender, but rather as taxable assets. That is why every user who buys a bitcoin in the country has to pay a tax of 25 percent on the surplus value. In addition, miners and traders in Israel are treated as businesses and have to pay both income tax and 17 percent VAT.
Although India has not imposed a direct ban on cryptocurrencies, it has repeatedly made it clear that the use or trade in virtual currencies is not licensed by the government. The RBI has said that investors in such currencies do so at their own risk. The government, however, has plans to introduce a fiat cryptocurrency itself.

After 4-game trip, BYU women's hoops returns home with WCC title in sights
PROVO — Before the BYU women's basketball team left on its four-game road trip that ultimately gave it a one-game lead on San Diego for first place in the West Coast Conference, coach Jeff Judkins said the two-week stretch that included games at …

This Is the Ultimate Trip to Mongolia
I worried that perhaps this trip was a mistake—that I'd pushed their limits of inquiry, that the poetry of lost kingdoms didn't move my children the way it moved me. Then we passed over a high ridge crenellated with rocks, and all at once, like a …
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